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Who We Are

Our dedication stems from our passion for serving those in need in the community.
Sycamore Integrated Health is a primary care clinic in Mesa, Arizona, that acts as a principal point of healthcare services to adolescent and adult patients. Our general practitioners and family medicine doctors deliver comprehensive evaluations and holistic treatment to all the patients that we serve. We address the needs of patients who are dealing with general mental health issues, such as substance abuse, trauma, ADHD, and depression, among others, as well as patients with general health issues, like pain and chronic diseases. You can guarantee that our professionals are knowledgeable in the latest treatment, providing a more holistic approach to care. They are with you every step of the way, guiding you on your road to wellness.
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Sycamore Integrated Health

Who We Are

Our dedication stems from our passion for serving those in need in the community.
Our Vision

We strive to help as many patients in need in the community as possible, ensuring they get the care they need to live an optimal quality of life long term.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver affordable, excellent medical and behavioral health care to adolescent and adult patients.

Simon George, PMHNP

He is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with more than 10 years of experience in the health care field. He has a background working in long-term care, hospice, and outpatient behavioral clinics. His experience in mental health includes treating patients in community mental health settings and inpatient acute psychiatric units and providing psychiatric consultation-liaison services to various hospitals. These experiences enabled him to provide an evidence-based approach in providing care to help his clients achieve the best outcomes possible.

Simon strives to provide a holistic approach to treating mental illness and providing person-centered care, caring for his patients in a personal and meaningful way rather than just prescribing medications. He incorporates various therapeutic modalities, creating personalized treatment plans that are geared toward the patients’ satisfaction and symptom management.

During these tough and dark days, he continually hopes to partner with more patients in achieving their mental health goals.

Imma Nzomo- PMHNPP-BC

Imma is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the health care field. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Walden University and now aims to help her patients achieve optimal mental health through a person-centered therapeutic approach, including psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. She believes that through using various therapeutic modalities to educate and improve communication, and coping and problem-solving skills in addition to managing symptoms of mental illness with prescriptive medication, quality of life can significantly improve.
She looks forward to meeting and working together with new patients to help them achieve their mental health goals.

Carrie Licklider

Carrie Licklider is an adult-geriatric nurse practitioner who has a total of 25 years providing direct patient care. Most of these years were served in the emergency department (ED). In addition, she worked as a mobile nurse practitioner providing care to patients in nursing centers and private homes and started her own practice in 2021.
In 2019, she graduated from Maryville University at the top of her class in the adult-geriatric master’s program. Through extensive training and attention to detail, she can effectively communicate with patients and come up with the best treatment options. When you are in Carrie’s care, you will immediately feel at ease and know you are in the right hands.

Tara Chase, LAC, MS, NCC Licensed Therapist

Tara is a Licensed Counselor with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University (GCU). Tara is continuing her studies at GCU, earning her PhD. in Mental Health Supervision and Education. Tara has been a valuable member of our team since 2022. She has provided individual and group therapy for more than eight years and has more than 12 years of experience working alongside people to facilitate positive change in their lives and their communities. 

Tara utilizes a collaborative and real-life approach to develop goals and intervention strategies that will best meet the needs of the individual. Her approach focuses heavily on gaining a greater understanding of the unique needs and the recognition of resiliency in each individual. Tara possesses significant experience working with individuals, couples, and families, impacted by mental illness, addiction, homelessness, and dual diagnosis. Utilizing a strength-based and culturally sensitive approach, Tara actively works with our multidisciplinary teams and clients to uncover their capacity for introspection, reflection, and self-awareness to better understand and navigate the past, present, and future allowing for self-empowerment. She has experience working in a variety of settings and diverse backgrounds, helping clients through depression, anxiety, addiction, grief and loss, trauma, and adjustments to life’s changes.


Anna is a dedicated substance abuse counselor with seven years of experience in the field, committed to helping individuals overcome the challenges of addiction and find their path to recovery. Her journey into this profession is deeply personal, as she herself is in recovery, and her passion for helping others stems from her own transformative experience. Anna’s story is one of resilience and triumph over adversity. Her own battle with addiction provided her with unique insights into the struggles that individuals face on their journey to sobriety. Through her own recovery process, Anna discovered her calling – to be a guiding light for those who, like her, were seeking a way out of the darkness of substance abuse. Anna’s approach to counseling is rooted in empathy, compassion, and unwavering support. She understands the courage it takes to seek help and strives to create a safe, judgment-free space for her clients. Over the years, Anna has honed her skills through continuous learning and professional development, staying up-to-date with the latest evidence-based practices in addiction treatment. Her expertise allows her to tailor treatment plans to each individual’s unique needs, ensuring a higher likelihood of success in their recovery journey. Anna’s commitment to her work extends beyond the office walls. She actively participates in community outreach programs, advocating for addiction awareness and prevention. She believes that education and destigmatization are essential tools in the fight against substance abuse.

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